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Bioarp - Polska

BIOARPIL®   - protective-regenerative cream based on a traditional Russian formula developed on the basis of knowledge and experience of dermatologists and herbalists working during the first half of the XXth century in deep Siberia. The cream contains only natural active ingredients. It is intended for the whole body's skin care for people with tendencies for relapsing psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, allergic psoriasis, eczemas. Effectively cares for the skin, restoring its healthy and natural look.


We would like to inform our customers that the current batch (No 0911/11,2014) has the form of an emulsion. Varied consistency, colour and smell are all part of the product's specification and have no effect on its efficiency whatsoever.


1. What is BIOARPIL® and what it is used for

BIOARPIL® is an effective combination of natural ingredients that regenerates the psoriasis-affected patches of skin. It contains ingredients with antiseptic and regenerative properties, it also removes calluses.


The bio-oils present in BIOARPIL® contain a combination of active ingredients rich in unsaturated fatty acids, biologically active compounds such as natural vitamins (A, D and others), phospholipids and phytosteroles, which penetrate into the layer of dermis (regulate its activity, thus preventing further psoriasis-related changes). Lavender oil is strongly antiseptic, helps to heal burns, wounds and ulcers. Eucalyptus oil is characterized by its strongly antiseptic properties also towards antibiotics-resistant bacteria. When applied directly eucalyptus oil performs as an antiseptic, contra-putrefactive agent; it destroys bacteria, viruses and saprotrophes. Honey, a natural product produced by bees, is proven to have bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory qualities. It reduces skin irritations and is effective in penetrating the horny layer of epidermis. Honey softens, smoothens and slightly whitens the skin. It maintains the proper moisture content of the skin and provides it with many nutritious substances. It precipitates the cells metabolism and the regeneration process of epidermis. Salicylic acid normalizes the renewal of the cells and helps the outer layer to shed, causing its regeneration and rejuvenation. It is an anti-inflammatory and germicidal agent. Chamomille (Marticaria Chamomilla) when applied over the skin and mucous membranes can be helpful in the healing process of inflammatory conditions, wounds, ulcers, sunburns, as well as after X-ray radiation. Three-lobe Beggarticks herb (Bidentis tripartiate) has a positive effect on the psoriasis-affected skin. Lisozyme is a natural enzyme with antibacterial properties. A patented combination of these ingredients makes the composition of the BIOARPIL® cream.


Used additionally as an aid in psoriasis, some of the atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis and eczema.


2. Before using BIOARPIL® 

Children under 3 years old should not use BIOARPIL® due to the salicylic acid content.


Care should be taken in case the cream is used by persons who might be sensitive/allergic to any of the ingredients of BIOARPIL® due to possible allergic reactions

Do not apply the cream while using steroid-based anti-inflammatory creams (steroid hormones).

Cream may cause staining.


3. How to apply BIOARPIL®

BIOARPIL® cream should be applied according to the instructions given in this leaflet. Should there be any doubt regarding the product, additional information shall be provided by the BIOARP Company.


Apply the cream on the psoriasis-affected skin in thin, even layers (do not rub in). Use it once or twice a day, for at least 12 hours per day. If psoriasis plaques cover a large area of the body the application of BIOARPIL® should be performed gradually. Start with the legs, on the third day of the therapy the cream should be applied on the back, stomach, buttocks and arms. After further 3 days the remaining body parts should be treated. In order to protect and cover the treated body parts it is advisable to wear appropriate cotton clothing intended for this purpose.


Positive effects of BIOARPIL® will be visible after 1 – 2 weeks of use. During the first phase of the treatment the scales of the psoriasis-affected skin disappear, leaving light or darker stains on the skin. The second phase will allow the skin to cleanse completely. Depending on the degree of advancement of psoriasis the process of purifying will take between 2 and 4 months. For a lasting effect the therapy should be performed without interruption (not even for a single day). While using BIOARPIL® it is suggested not to drink alcohol, to quit smoking, exclude eggs and fatty, fried or spicy foods from one’s diet in order to achieve the desired effect.


To remove the cream wash hair and body on a daily basis using such soaps as: glycerin soap, gentle baby soap, lanoline soap or pine tar soap and shampoos for sensitive skin. Ground white mustard seeds can be helpful in removing the remaining greasiness. Should any dryness appear after washing, it is advisable to use baby cream.


4. Side effects

Like many complex products BIOARPIL® can cause side effects. Irritation, itchiness or allergic reactions may occur on the area where the cream was applied. Usually it is not a reason to discontinue the treatment. During the first month of the BIOARPIL® therapy allergy-prone persons should consider the use of antihistamine-based drugs to alleviate any temporary allergic reactions to some of the ingredients of the cream.


ATTENTION: In the case of Quincke Endema (Oedema angioneuroticum Quincke), which most commonly appears on the eyelids, the cream should be removed immediately and consulting a medical practitioner is advised. This effect is temporary. Should other side effects – not mentioned in this leaflet – occur, consulting a medical practitioner is strongly advised.


5. Storage 

* BIOARPIL® should be stored out of the sight and reach of children

* Store in room temperature

* Do not use 3 years after the production date (given on the package)


BIOARPIL® does not contain hormones, does not cause skin atrophy, does not cause side effects typical for hormone-based ointments, is non-toxic.


Ingredients INCI:  Petrolatum Liquidum, Calcium Stearatum, Petroleum, Lisozyme, Mel, Herba Bidens Tripartita, Bidens Tripartita Extract, Salicylic Acid, Retinyl Acetate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Chamomilla  Matricaria Oil, Gadi lecur Oil/ oleum jecoris aselli.


Available packages: 1 jar 140g



6. Other information 

Made in BIOARPPoland



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